Do you enjoy cooking?

It’s an odd question to ask when it’s a task we perform for at least ourselves, and often others, repeatedly; daily, monthly, yearly.  It can be daunting.

It’s like when Golda turns to Tevye in Fiddler On The Roof and asks him, “Do you love me?”. 

I wonder after 25 years of cooking and cleaning, a homemaker’s major responsibilities, were our grandmothers more satisfied than we are today?

For sure the work was harder, much harder.  But were their kitchens, and those who ran them, more content?

I was talking to a friend of mine who is a mother of 6.  We’ve known each other a long time.  By estimation, she has served 175,200 meals over the last 20 years, not including guests.  I was surprised when she shared with me that she did not enjoy cooking.  Imagine all the hours involved, a lifetime really, accompanied by the stressful emotions of not liking what you are doing?  Sadly, I don’t think my friend is alone.

While mykosherkitchen@cor cannot promise to make you a happy cook, together we can go a long way to help you gain the knowledge and skills to develop a kavana (mindset) and mastery, which I believe to be the main ingredients for a kitchen filled with peace (not to mention, delicious, healthy, wholesome dishes that come from it).

Welcome to our weekly blog.  I look forward to receiving your questions and comments at  Look for cooking classes brought to you by mykosherkitchen@cor beginning soon.  Go to (link under construction) to see the calendar or email me and I will send it to you.

I look forward to being in the kitchen together,

Nancy Weisbrod, Director of Culinary Education, Kashruth Council of Canada

8 thoughts on “Do you enjoy cooking?

  1. Hi Nancy,
    Congrats on this new appointment- or maybe not so new- but wonderful nonetheless. I am a huge fan and look forward to your weekly posts. I know that whatever recipes you post, will taste, look and present well. I am so glad you’re hear. You have a reader in me. Good Luck with everything.

  2. Finally a Kosher blog with recipes!! You have no idea how happy you made me! As a mother fo 4 and without any family around, the Holidays always scare me, what to cook that would stand till the next day, how much to cook, what goes with this dish,etc!!!! I’m so excited and be sure that you got in me a big follow!!! Mazal tov!

  3. What a fantastic blog! Your passion and enthusiasm is not only trasparant but also contagious! I have been cooking for more than 35 years and it definitely can be daunting…and you make it look easy. Mazel Tov on your new journey and I’ll be delighted to follow your weekly posts . Dorit

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